3 Simple Marketing Strategies to Prevent Overwhelm

3 Simple Marketing Strategies to Prevent Overwhelm

Juggling all of the aspects of marketing can be daunting, especially when there are so many ways to market. I can relate with feeling like you need to do everything to get your message out there. This week’s blog post gives you three simple marketing strategies to implement to help reduce that overwhelming feeling.

1. Pick 1-2 Marketing Channels

The first marketing strategy is to reduce your marketing channels. Choosing one or two areas to focus on will actually make you more productive. Less is more! Pick one or two areas of marketing to focus on and execute those really well. This means work to master these areas of marketing and rely on them for your main marketing messages.

If you are trying to use every marketing tactic and strategy, you won’t be very effective. When you feel like you really understand and know your chosen marketing channels, you can build on from there and add another marketing channel or method.

Reduce the overwhelm by beginning with one social media account and your email list as your first two marketing channels.

2. Use a Content Calendar

The second marketing strategy is to use a content calendar. Marketing can seem like an endless task of the constant need to post and pitch with little return. When you plan out multiple posts ahead of time, you actually save time and stay organized. You can also be consistent across marketing channels and more direct with your messaging.

Also note….Creating the marketing concept, designing the components, figuring out your call-to-action, and sharing it with your customers all in one day contributes to that overwhelming feeling. The day you are sharing your piece of marketing should not be the day you create the content. This is where pre-planning and using a content calendar come in handy!

3. Commit to a Schedule

The rapid pace and frequency of marketing messages nowadays contributes to that feeling of overwhelm. Reduce the overwhelm by keeping a weekly (and consistent!) schedule of posts, messages, and content can help you know when it’s time to market.

While a content calendar will help you plan out your content, a schedule will build long term customer growth and engagement. If you decide you are posing or marketing on social media 3 times a week, write it in your planner, set an alarm on your phone, or set a Google reminder. Whatever you decide to do, stick to it and commit!

Try out these marketing strategies and let me know how they work! If you are looking to further develop your content, then this next blog post on developing online content is for you!

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