Why You Should Never Have a General Artist Newsletter

Why You Should Never Have a General Artist Newsletter

It’s time to scrap the idea of a newsletter update….Nobody reads newsletters. Especially those monthly newsletter updates every creative business is sending! Sure your parents, spouses, family, and friends may want to read your updates, but your true art fans, buyers, and the audience don’t want a newsletter and a generic monthly update.

Email marketing today is a very strategic way to get in touch with your audience, and it’s time you put some strategy behind your marketing. Algorithms and the social media game don’t come into play here. The people on your mailing list opted in, so they want to hear from you. They don’t just want an August Newsletter in their inbox.

Using email marketing is a direct way to market your audience by directly sending them content into their inbox. …Yes, spam inboxes and the social/promotional tabs make it a bit harder to show up in the actual inbox but this is a direct way to get in touch with your audience.

Here are some strategies to try when transforming your basic monthly newsletter into a marketing strategy.

Get Purposeful: Use email marketing for an invitation, a coupon, a freebie, a series of educational emails. Have a point as to why you are sending out this email, not a generic update because it’s a new month.

Give Give Give Ask Strategy: Have you heard of the give-give-give-ask model? There is an important balance between giving and asking with your emails. Give advice, give a coupon, give some freebies or bonus content. When it’s time to launch a new project, sell a new piece of merch or you need your audience to show up for you, send an email with your ask. This way every email doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.

Funneling: The whole point of a newsletter is to generate sales…am I right? So use your mailing list as a way to direct audience members to your end goal. Whether it’s signing up for a workshop, taking your consulting services, buying your product, etc, you want to ease people down the road to your end game. Starting with a freebie is a great way to show what you can offer before pitching a sale.

Segment your Audiences: By spending a few more minutes organizing your contacts when you add them to your list you can build segmented audiences groups who you can specifically target with marketing materials they want to read and open. That way you’re not sending a workshop opportunity to someone who is an art collector who would never take your class.

Evergreen Emails: Find a way to make your emails evergreen, meaning once you write it, you can always re-use that email instead of writing from a fresh blank slate each time. Welcome email sequences or educational email sequences are a great way to do this. You can create these in the automations campaign area of your email marketing platform.

Want help transforming your email marketing strategy?

Consider a consultation today!

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